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Grammar Boss Final
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Grammar Boss is Staci Frenes, a published author and former educator with a BA in English from UC Berkeley. With over twenty years of experience as an educator, freelance editor, and author, Staci has edited books in various genres including memoir, suspense, romance, and Christian nonfiction. Staci has also written and edited web, blog, and newsletter content for small businesses, artists, and other professionals.

Whether it’s a book manuscript, web content, or a blog piece, Staci can help sharpen and tighten your message by providing the level of editing your project needs, from in-depth content editing to the final polish before publication. 

Editing rates below reflect the range of average costs, but can vary depending on the needs of the project. Please feel free to contact Staci with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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A comprehensive book manuscript review that addresses everything from the structure of your book to characterization, plot, pacing, style and conflict, this is sometimes called a content or substantive edit. It can often involve heavily cutting, moving and re-shaping the material. It’s the most time-intensive and in-depth of the three services. It includes a separate summary of suggestions and recommendations plus two rounds of edits using Track Changes in Word. Does not include proofreading.  

.02 - .03 cents per word 

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This is the service you need to perfect your text, strengthen your prose and ensure consistency of style. Line by line, we’ll check for and clarify things like word choice, sentence structure, consistency in style, verb tense and any other issues related to the overall readability. It includes two rounds of edits using Track Changes in Word, and is often combined with an additional proofread edit (at a discounted rate).  


Book Manuscripts .015 -.020 per word

All other copy  $35 - $50/hour

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Whether you're just getting started, stuck in the middle, or finished with a draft, we'll evaluate your writing for big picture strengths and weaknesses and make  suggestions for revision. Areas we may address include characterization, conflict/tension, description, inconsistencies, pacing, passive writing, plot development, point of view, scene development, and showing vs. telling. If warranted, consistent grammatical errors will be pointed out as a common courtesy. No comments are made within the manuscript.


.01 - .015 cents per word



"Staci gives honest feedback, catches the mistakes I make, and all in a timely manner. It's a huge decision to hand an editor your hard work, but I trust Staci completely." 


"Staci is a gift to work with! Her editorial skills are superb, adding value and clarity to the story. She is both professional and kind, and I highly recommend her to anyone needing an editor."


"I hired Staci for an editorial assessment of my memoir-in-progress. Her thorough feedback included a detailed analysis on theme, structure and how to tighten my manuscript to better tell my story. I received the exact roadmap I needed to guide

my revisions!" 


How it Works 

Send us a sample of what you'd like edited, or a request for what you'd like written. We’ll assess it to see what it needs, then provide you with a fee quote and an explanation of what the work will entail. For book manuscripts, we like to see 4-5 pages, for shorter pieces a single page will do.

If you decide to work with us, we'll require a half payment at the start of the job and if you're satisfied,  the balance when the work is finished. 

Whatever the project, Grammar Boss will manage all your editing needs and deliver a professional finished product in a timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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